about us

our history

Our story is a fascinating journey from humble beginnings to the status of a leading player in the Czech medical industry. Having started our journey [year of establishment], we have quickly become an important link in providing our customers with quality medical products and innovative solutions.

Humble Beginnings

Our company was born from the desire to create high-standard medical products. Starting from a small laboratory, we have gradually expanded our capabilities, striving to provide patients and medical professionals with the best solutions.

Development Stage

Over time, our research and production capabilities have grown and we have expanded our activities into new markets and territories. An important step was the introduction of advanced technologies and scientific methods, which raised us to a new level in the world of the medical industry.


Partnership and Growth

We strengthened our reputation by establishing partnerships with leading medical institutions and specialists. Our company has become a symbol of reliability and quality, which has attracted the attention of not only the national but also the international community.

Innovation and Success

On the path to innovation, we created products that reflected advanced trends and technologies in the medical field. Our successes became noticeable, and our contribution to the development of medicine was widely recognized.

Today and tomorrow

Today we continue to tell our story with the same enthusiasm with which we began. Our goal is to remain innovative leaders by providing patients and physicians with outstanding quality healthcare solutions. We look forward to future achievements and new horizons that we will explore together with our partners and customers."

about me


My name is Jaroslav Novotny and I am the founder of this amazing company. My roots are deep in Czech culture, and health care has always been my priority.

My professional journey began in the field of medicine, where I gained valuable experience as a doctor. However, my vision went further - I strived to create a company that not only provides quality healthcare solutions, but also inspires innovation.

The Czech Republic is the place where I was born and where my ideas come true. I am inspired by the idea of improving health care in our society. I'm proud that our company has become a leader in healthcare solutions, and I look forward to sharing with you all that we are still going to achieve. Thank you for your interest in our story and for your support of health and wellness!


Yaroslav Novotny